Dog Training

In April of 2012, we decided to search for a dog to add to our family. We found Bones McCoy (previously named “Dudley”) at Columbia Second Chance.

Since that time, dog training has been a big part of my life. When we got Bones, we had hoped for a dog to take everywhere, or to do agility, or therapy work, or neat tricks.

It turns out he loves to do all those things! My husband does agility with him, where Bones confidently and enthusiastically runs over all the obstacles on command. We take him everywhere we possibly can–did you know that many businesses in Columbia allow pets inside?

In April of 2013, when he was just over a year old, we passed the Therapy Dogs International evaluation, and the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. I was very proud of him, and now that he’s passed, I can share him with many people who could use an unconditionally loving dog to brighten their lives. So far he’s visited Rusk Rehabilitation Center, and he’s had children read to him at “Reading to Rover”. He loves meeting new people, and he also loves doing tricks for them (especially if there are treats on the line).

As of January 2015 we are happy to welcome Betty into our family, too! She’s an English Black Lab, and best buds with Bones. She loves visiting with anyone and everyone.